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Florence, the unmissable Italian city for all art & history lovers. The capital of Tuscany does not face any low tourist season during the year, indeed, it is continuosly invaded by tourists bumping up and down between the Duomo and the Ponte Vecchio. Thousands and thousands of selfies and clicks of all kinds fill the fizzy Florentine air. So what about Florence? Why is it such a must-go destination? Why our free walking tour of Florence is a must?
Florence does not really need a voice-over to have its beauty explained. Its streets are overwhelmed with stunning palaces, fine statues, rich churches and picturesque streets.
The four main historical attractions of Florence are: the beautiful marble Duomo and its battistero, the city hall Palazzo Vecchio and the immortal Ponte Vecchio. It’s up to you to discover them all booking our Florence free walking tour! And if you’re are a big foodie, you must know that Florence have a quite interesting and challenging street food cuisine. We recommend you join a food tour with our partners Streaty Tours: their Florence street food tour is nothing but a real, genuine, crazy experience!

Why joining our Florence free guided walking tour?

However, just like all Italian cities, there is something that a tourist cannot really catch until he walks around with a local. Locals have the key to open all the secret doors of Florentine life! What do Florentines eat in the streets? What’s the rival city and how do Florentines cope with this rivalry? What are all these coat of arms stuck here and there around the street walls? And what about those tiny cute windows, what’s hidden behind?
This is why we tour guides do what we do. We want to help travellers see reality through our own eyes. We don’t want travellers to come and go without having learned anything. A travel is an experience, and an experience is made to teach and enrich. This is the reason why we exist 🙂
You have many ways to discover the city of Florence, you can do it on your own, simply getting lost following the enchanting beauty. Or you can join a Florence free guided walking tour!
There are many free walking tours in Florence, not only exploring the city center but also some off the beaten path spot.

Freely tour in Florence is coming soon, so stay tuned!

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