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Get to know the city with our Catania free walking tour!

Catania is unique: elegant like a princess and passionate like a desperate loving prince. The black lava stone the draws the perfect lines of its architecture is Catania’s trademark. Photographer can hardly move their eyes off and evend if they did the beauty of the Sicilian city will remain printed in their sight for ever. One of the main sights of our Catania free walking tour is the central square of Catania called piazza Duomo, an authentic masterpiece of Souther Italian art. Travellers find themselves trapped in a cage of beauty: on a side the Duomo and its majestic dome, on the other sides the city hall and nobles palaces. These buildings face the worshipped lavic Elephant, the symbol of Catania. All of this beauty might make no sense without the explanation of a local tour guide who brings into life the statues and their voice: stories of centuries of glory, battles and credes. But piazza Duomo is only the business card of Catania. A free walking tour of Catania will make you enjoy much more than this. Step out the light of its large piazzas and follow your Freely guide as she walks you into the dark corners to show you the hidden gems of the city and other unmissable attractions: such as the Roman amphytheater of piazza Stesicoro and the church street of Via dei Crociferi. And if you get hungry during your walk, you can always count on a Streaty’s Catania street food tour!

Who will led the Catania free city tour?

The free walking tour in Catania is led by our partners of Free Tour Catania. Two long-time friends, born and raised in Catania and of course regularly licensed. Agata and Daniela will guide into the hoods of the city center giving you the essential keys to understand the eastern Sicilian culture. History is just a paragraph of the Catania free city tour experience. Your Catanese tour guides will also discuss traditions and habits. Although all our free walking tour in Catania guides are professional tour, the principle of the tour isĀ  to give everyone the opportunity to be guided within the city, to get in touch with the Sicilian culture, to share feelings, opinions, smiles and knowledge…in few words, to enjoy a real and authentic experience.

All Catania free walking tour tickets are based on a free-tip principle. You tip your guide for the value you give to her performance and the quality of the experience itself.


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